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1. Are NoSweatWebsites secure websites?
Yes. It's super-important that your web site be secure. Someone trying to visit an unsecure site can see ominous warnings about the safety and security of the site; these can understandably scare them away and make your business look bad. also, it's been widely reported that Google search penalizes sites that do no have a secure certificate. There's no worries about any of that with a NoSweatWebsite! All NoSweatWebsites include a SSL (secure socket layer) 2048-bit encryption from Let’s Encrypt.
2. Do you provide SEO (search Engine Optimization)?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a little-understood topic that we love to enlighten people about!

SEO is the practice of having a particular web page optimized to come up high in search engine results when someone types in a particular search word or term. So, the first question when it comes to SEO, is what word or term do you want to be optimized for?

There are 2 kinds of SEO:
- paid (i.e. Google Ads), and
- organic. (We also call this sweat equity)

We provide SEO of your site when it is initially built out. We optimize for 1) your name, 2) long term care insurance agent, 3) your town and state, and 4) up to 4 other words/phrases that you provide us before your site goes live.

Ongoing SEO cannot be cost-effectively provided, and it normally costs anywhere from $100 - $1,000+ month to hire a SEO specialist to do this. However, you can do it yourself, and we are glad to provide recommended resources to learn more. One of the best ways to help organic SEO is by blogging.

We also provide the industry leading SEO tool for WordPress, Yoast SEO on your site.

So, when someone pitches you "I can get you on page one of Google," beware! Ask them 'for what word/phrase' and 'can you guarantee that is writing?' Trust us, it won't be happening for highly-prized phrases "long term care insurance" or "best motivational speaker" without sustained ongoing effort and/or expense.
3. Tips for writing SEO-friendly content
The tips for search engine optimization have certainly changed over the years. Some would say, it's actually gotten simpler. Below are a few steps you can take to write and optimize your content for search engines.


  1. Plan your content based on the intent of what someone would be searching on. Your goal is to provide the most relevant content for the search engine to associate with the user's search.
  2. Two, and only two areas of your blog post matter the most. The Title and the Body content. Ideally, you want to keep your titles under 60 characters and include the words you want your content to be found by. The first 250 characters of your content body should also include the keywords that you want your content to be found by.
  3. Write in natural language, in other words, don't try to keyword stuff.
  4. All images added should have alternate text (alt text) because this is also indexed by the search engines. Be descriptive and use this area as one more place to get a solid description with your keyword, if relevant to the image, in place.

To dive deeper on SEO, visit SEO Moz for tips on writing content and titles.

4. Do you provide website analytics and tracking for my site?
We provide basic monthly analytics which can be viewed from the Dashboard of your site. You can see how to use this at our How-To video page (LINK). Many people like to use Google Analytics - a robust tool provided free-of-charge to anyone with a Google Account. If you would like that set up for your site, we can do that for free when your site is being built (we need your gmail account credentials), or at a modest additional cost after buildout. We will connect your site and optimize the configuration, while providing you access to the Google Analytics account. Since we do not provide the Google Analytics service - we do not provide training on it. You can search for "Google Analytics" at any search engine, and at YouTube, to get lots of help with this!
5. Do you offer Chat services for NoSweatWebsites?
Chat function available for your website. We support installation of CRISP  Chat software. CRISP offers a free base level account. Our subscribers have been satisfied with their service.

Chat through CRISP can be added to your website at no additional charge during two times: when we are building out your site, and also at our year-end maintenance.  You may also request this addition on-demand, at the cost of 40 minutes of maintenance.  If you have maintenance minutes in your account (every subscribers receives - in addition to routine maintenance for free - 60 on-demand maintenance minutes each year) these minutes will be used.  If you run out, you'll be charged the going rate for additional minutes as needed (currently $2/minute).

All we need are your logins from If you would like chat added to your site - sign up for their free account, and send us your logins.

An important reminder - we facilitate adding this function to your website, but we are not the provider...and so we only support the installation. Check out the Crisp service HERE. You can also see it at this subscriber site:
To recap, here’s what you need to do to get chat on YOUR NoSweatWebsite:
1. Create an account with Crisp, and
2. Provide us with your Crisp account login details!
That’s it! We take it from there, and your chat function will be added to your site within 5 business days.
Please note – though we will install and configure the service, we do not support training and usage guidelines. Crisp’s website has excellent training videos to learn how to use it.
When you are setting up your Crisp account you will be asked 3 sets of questions.
The email address is going to be your account login and where notifications will be sent. Your First and Last Name is only for Crisp’s records. Your website domain is your website’s address. Your website’s Name is what you want to be displayed in your Crisp chat window to a visitor.

Visit Crisp's YouTube Channel for videos on using the service.

6. Will migrating my site to you hurt my SEO rankings?
If you are keeping the same website address (domain) you will see very little or no effect in your SEO ranking and site traffic.
If however, you are changing your website address (domain name) then - while the change is taking place (server redirects, and the re-index by Google and other search engines) ) it is expected that there may be a potential dips in organic traffic.
We use best practices to stack the deck for a smooth transition. When we launch websites we ensure they have an XML sitemap which search engines read to know all of the content on a site. We submit your site to be indexed, getting it onto the radar maps of search engines as soon as possible.
7. How do I provide access to my Domain name (GoDaddy)?

To launch and maintain your website, we need access to your website's domain. For subscribers who have purchased their domains through GoDaddy, you can now provide us access without sharing your credentials. GoDaddy provides a secure easy way to allow us to update your domains DNS (Domain Name Server) records and point your website address to your new site, through their Delegated Access service. 

The following link below will show you how to provide delegated access through GoDaddy.

When you are setting up the access, please invite

8. How to Take a Screenshot?

Every device requires a different set of keys or buttons to be pressed, but we've got a handy guide to share that will show you how to take a screen shot on either your computer or your phone. Follow the link below.

9. I don't see the changes I requested?
When we've notified you that the changes you requested are in place, and when you go to your site to see the changes, you don't see them, it's almost always because your computer is displaying a saved version of your site - through a system called cache.  It's designed to speed up delivery of sites, but it prevents you from seeing some updates.
The fix is easy - and it's clearing your cache. Here's a link to a page that will guide you through clearing the cache of your favorite web browser. Click here to find out how to clear your cache.
10. Earthlink, Yahoo and ISP Provided Emails
Alert: Earthlink, Yahoo and ISP (i.e. Comcast, Verizon) Provided Emails
We need an email from you to send notifications from your website (requests for quotes, or submissions at the Contact form, etc.).
Some email providers are known to block emails that originate from websites.
Therefore, we strongly do not recommend using the following providers to receive notifications from your website. We want to make sure that you receive - in a timely matter - any notifications from form submissions, testimonials, etc. So, if your email is provided by any of the services below, we recommend you set up a free gmail account, and configure your email inbox (i.e. Outlook or another service) to bring in the emails from the new gmail account. You will need to contact the support the provides your email service - we can't do this for you.
ISP Provided (,, etc…)

Call Marilee to discuss your site:


Your NoSweatWebsite Includes:

  • Updated learning center – with a variety of product modules available
  • Strategic design to guide more sales
  • Beautiful layout on cell phones and tablets
  • Quote request function
  • Secure web site certificate (this is so important!)
  • Premium hosting and backup at industry-leader
  • No cost, no hassle to restore your site (no scrambling & expense on your end if your domain ‘breaks’ or you are hacked)
  • Regular site maintenance to ensure your site doesn't break
  • Blog/news*
  • Post video or other content easily
  • Write-a-testimonial function
  • Screen-share*
  • Cost of care
  • Google analytics
  • Google maps*
  • And more (ask us).

*optional, all at no additional cost