NoSweatWebsites offers turn-key web sites with customizable home page images, and every bell and whistle you’ve dreamed of.

I’m a longtime speaker and consultant and entrepreneur who started NoSweatWebsites almost 10 years ago. Why? Because I was sick of seeing my very smart speaker/consultant/trainer/coach friends have dumb and/or ugly websites.

Or spend thousands of dollars unnecessarily on a website that didn’t showcase their unique abilities up front. That’s where my messaging and branding know-how can make your website sing (you get an hour brainstorming with me to kickoff building your new website).

NoSweatWebsites Team

Y’know, something that looked great 10 or even 5 years ago looks pretty outdated now. Do you want to look outdated? I didn’t think so!

So, I developed a website service that allows you to get a gorgeous website quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. Without having to do-it-all-yourself, or find a webmaster that understood your business well enough to design a great site….who also had a sense of design.

We cannot offer a 100% custom site (that would cost thousands…plus the cost to host it and maintain it) …but we CAN hold your hand and get you a distinctive site that covers all the important bases of your business.

And, we’ll:

  • host it with a secure certificate (super important – the lock appears in the browser – and this prevents browsers from alerting people that your site may not be safe!)
  • and we MAINTAIN the technical ‘plumbing’ for you – we keep the platform and plugins in the website not only continually updated (that would cost a few hundred a year alone), but also
  • your site will be hosted at the premiere known-for-being hack-resistant web hosting service for WordPress sites (the hosting alone would cost you $35/month – check it out at www.WPengine.com). We don’t use the cheap hosting programs for a reason…we want NO DRAMA for any of us!
  • and your site will be backed up two places so if the unthinkable happens and your site goes down, we can restore it easily.

When you purchase the service, you’ll be contacted to schedule a one-hour call with me, Marilee Driscoll.

Then, you’ll be in the hands of my lead IT person Diana. If you need custom graphic design those services are available, under my supervision. We’ll also have a one-hour discussion to review your website once it’s built out.

You’ll never talk to someone you don’t know, who doesn’t care.

Why don’t you give me a call if you have any questions (or contact me at the contact form here on the website). If you’re ready to get started on your site, go ahead and order here.

I’m really looking forward to helping you get a website that’s as good as you are!

Most sincerely,

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