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How-To Videos

The videos below show how to login to your website and do things such as blog, and post and change the order of videos on your video page’s dashboard.

To access your dashboard, you will login to your website – by clicking on the blue ‘Login to my Website’ button at the top of this page.  You will use the login credentials you were sent when your site was made live.  If you don’t remember them, or you would like to change them, you can do that using the Password Reset.

If you have any questions relative to your website – or these videos – please contact NoSweatWebsites at the contact page, submit a request at the help center (red button above), ask your question on the monthly subscriber call, or, if your need is urgent, call Marilee at 860-578-4830.

How to Login

How to Log In to Your Site

Basic Site Functions

How to Blog

How to Manage Testimonials

New Video Coming Soon

How to Manage Your Video Page

Service/Change Requests

How to Submit a Request

How to Take a Screenshot to Show a Problem

How are Service Requests Handled (Timing, Process)

COMING SOON to see/track your service requests