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No one wants to buy flood insurance – until the flood happens!  Similarly, many people discover how important long term care insurance is when they receive a difficult diagnosis or have a health decline.

It’s very difficult all the way around when I talk to someone who could’ve easily qualified for a policy a year earlier, but they had a health change, and now they can’t buy coverage for anything like the price they could’ve qualified for in the past.  Find out today what your options are.

The best time to look into this coverage is when you are younger, and healthier…in other words, TODAY!   There’s no time like the present to lock in your health – and your insurability!


Marilee has been helping businesses and individuals accomplish their goals for over 18 years. She helps businesses identify their “sweet spot” — strategically crafting what they offer to best succeed in the marketplace….and then communicating to the right people through smart branding and messaging.